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Matthew 24: 10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
This is an interesting verse, and I wanted to explore it. We are warned betrayal will increase. This world as many of us know is growing steadily more wicked. Everything is about competition and measuring up. One thing writing this blog, I took some major hits even in real life, I spoke of betraying people in the earlier article warning about Christian message boards.

I did have people enter my real life years ago when I even started warning about the interfaith movement on message boards. One tried to take me down the Calvary Chapel of highway lies, another pressured me into thinking Roger Oakland was a true preacher even with the discrepancies of years ago. Life because of this blog has been very strange for me at times.

Every blog out there that speaks any truth, it seems people who want to work on you come out of the woodwork. Trust me on this one. This is a given. Even if you think your blog is little and "small potatoes", trust me they will surprise you.

I think of my years of disappointments figuring out that so many online "discernment" ministries are false. I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I write, I am human and make mistakes and so do other humans. Obviously in many cases finding huge discrepancies and other problems on websites, one figures it out. Some will even make obvious "hand-signs" on their websites. Others will cling to positions that make no sense among others. I can handle people who are sincere and disagree with me but the problem is there are a lot of wolves out there and they aren't sincere. As the Bible warns us, we are sheep among many wolves.

Matthew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

 It's scary that the gathering enemies were so immense since I am a peaceful person. I'm not living in a bunker or calling for anyone do anything evil. I don't want any enemies. With all of the betrayers, I wanted to be their friend and wanted them to be real and wanted positive fellowship but it was impossible. It hurt inside to find out what was really going on. God warns us we will be betrayed. Jesus was betrayed as well.

Luke 22:48 But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?

 If you write any truths online, know that the Trojan horses will come out of the woodwork. Trust me on this. All of these false friendships gave me deep feelings of betrayal. I was betrayed massively. One even went on to trash me on a shared message board. With a few of them, things could have been worse, I felt God had warned me about them and in one case I even dreamed that things were very wrong. On the surface many of these folks were kind, good and giving but they all had an agenda and in that laid terrible betrayal.

Spiritual abuse can be where some of the greatest betrayals can lie. Many people have told me how churches or people within churches betrayed them spiritually or they were offered healing via deliverance and other ministries which became controlling and dysfunctional.  Often the healing was done under the guise of focusing on their faults or telling them they were demonized and leading them to disheartenment. Be careful of deliverance ministries, I don't trust them at all, and even if on the surface, the prayers seem good in renouncing evil, be mindful of those who grow more legalistic or try and/or seek control. They often can have an agenda. People who have been severely abused or who have gone through horrific things will often be vulnerable to the predations of false deliverance ministries.

Often these types will change the goal posts, and put people in the place of pleasing a false pastor or them more then Jesus Christ. Many people who are lured into cults, or who are spiritually abused, are seeking fellowship and companionship and there the love-bombers and liars lay in wait.

A couple months ago, I lost a local friend.  She never was a friend. This was not an online Trojan horse but a real person who lived locally.  She did not like my ideas even though I was slowly introducing her to things and she was growing more and more angry. She did not show this anger and kept false smiles on her face however I felt near the end especially God was warning me too about her. She was so "good" at faking things, that my husband even told me, "I thought this was a near and dear friend, you two laughed together so much. She must have been one of the greatest actors in the world." I said, "I knew something was going wrong behind the scenes."

Think of that word betrayal. People fool us and we think they are something they are not. They are smiling and laughing towards us while planning destruction. Many are flat out predators. I had the predators who because of this blog decided to "work on" me, and I also have encountered emotional predators in the real world. Hopefully with time and seasoning and God's help, I am learning to recognize would-be predators faster.

I am not a perfect person and have many faults but one thing is if you are true Christian, people will hate you for it. I am not someone who acts like a snobby church lady berating people for not following rules. I don't hit anyone over the head with my Bible. However even with time, people realize where you are spiritually at, and as Jesus Christ warned us, we will be hated. Often some of my hatred in the real world came when some realized I did not hold to this world's values. They saw me as a "troublemaker".  One time I got in trouble for telling people, that this world makes everyone chase carrots on sticks and we should look to God's standards instead.

The local friend gossiped about me and sided with an enemy of mine. This is someone who mocked me for being a Christian and put me down in front of others. Oddly in this case, this other lady had a son, who had become new world order aware and was either a Christian and/or very open to it. She was walking around telling everyone how "mentally ill" this son was and this betraying false friend of mine sided with her. I am praying for that young man.

The betrayers will present themselves as kind and good to us but inward they will be wolves in sheep's clothing. Wolves smile on the outside while planning evil. Too many Christians are kept naïve in the churches, so even the most false sociopathic pastors now are loved and lauded. In fact in this wicked world, it is most often the most dark and evil who have gained popularity and the love of the masses. I notice a lot of the pastors are way too charismatic, a lot of smiles, but very little realness. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why do the most evil get the most attention in this evil world? Proverbs 73 warns us that the wicked will prosper.

 Very few miss this simple concept that the most wicked often appear the most good, loving and kind. One technique of sociopaths even is to do "love-bombings" on their future victims to prep them to be compliant and taken by surprise. This is one thing to be wary of. If you meet up with someone who never can admit they are wrong about anything, be very careful. That is a red flag even if they are nice to you. Personalities where they are "never wrong" and always in total control, be mindful and remember some of these warnings.

Spiritually we will make many angry at us. I had preached the gospel to the false friend and she through a feigned smile had told me she had been "born again" and loved and believed in Jesus Christ but I kept wondering through the next few years why she was clinging to a false church. She was in a conservative Lutheran church and I did my best to tell her the truth. One thing you will discover, is even in friendship if someone cannot tolerate the preaching of the gospel or the truth, they will depart from you even before you may make the decision to depart from them. Even if you take things slowly, if they have no love of the truth, things will come to a head one day.

Things got very odd during one of the last times we were together, she brought up this strange point to me, "Politicians are people too and usually good ones!" She was angry at me for questioning the political system. Her messages for me to conform, actually got stronger and stronger. She tried to tell me what to talk about even between ourselves. She was angry and outraged at my beliefs. I wasn't speaking about the new world order to her, but because I had told her a few things how the world system worked, she was not happy with me. She told me to stop speaking out against false churches and pastors and was outraged at my beliefs about the church system.

Perhaps some of you relate to this, you're a Christian that knows what is really going down. I'm not bragging here as there is plenty I do not know, but you are a Christian who God has shown the truth to about the churches and you start feeling very separate from others. You start getting that feeling if people really know you or what you stand for, they won't like you and will reject you. You meet the few who do really love you, but the world has become a harsh task master. With the rejection, it's already happened once some have found out how you truly believe! You sit in a church, hoping to find fellowship, and you get that wary feeling, knowing if you open your mouth about anything of importance there may be trouble. You noticed that there is little chance for any true personal discussions and think this is by plan via pastors who don't want any dissent in the ranks.  This feels like a betrayal of another sort.

Maybe like me, you have lost your family already, my spouse is supportive of my faith thank God. I have only very few relatives I am in any contact with, and even there they do not agree with my religious beliefs. Others I departed from knowing there was no other choice, God commands us to depart from the wicked. This can feel very difficult. I think about my years of rejecting Catholicism within my own family which even happened years before I was born again, knowing something was very wrong with the religion. I was closed out by a very young age for rejecting Catholicism and for standing up against evil. This is betrayal to lose your family over religious beliefs. Of course they think I am the betrayer for leaving Catholicism.

Betrayal from those you grew intimate with or shared many personal things with or thought you were friends can be among some of the most painful things to go through. You open up to someone only to get squashed. In this pain however, we can grow closer to God in calling out to Him. We are to forgive those God leads us to forgive and to depart from any reprobates, and leave them to God.

There are those who have faced far worse betrayals of course in the world to the point of losing their lives. I have met those who have had worse spiritual abuse and entire churches betraying them and abusing them. The offense and hatred against true Christians is growing in many circles. The offense and hatred even with the false church system is growing for those who stand against it's wickedness.

I am noticing something about the "cultural Christianity" world. The people in that world seem to be very loved by the world. They have close ties with people in their church. They are close to their families. No one is betraying them. They are conforming to the system. Sometimes I feel nervous that I seem to upset people so and even at times have sinfully envied the ones who easily conformed, but while they are ignoring matters of conscience, I'm trying to follow mine and where God directs me.

They are popular and well-established in the community. Some have music ministries and others.  Sometimes my own thoughts about these things trouble me, and I worry about my own cynicism as many of these folks are "nice" people but they aren't paying any price in this world for any religious stands. Most are very kind to me if I stay "happy acquaintances" with them and don't go too deep.  There are a few who are okay with me even if I tell them my true beliefs but they are more the minority.  Many of the "cultural Christians" are embraced, the world loves them. They aren't getting into  social troubles like me. They aren't being betrayed. Doesn't that represent a problem of sorts?

I was reading this verse the other day, and notice how Jesus warned "all men", that's not just a few, that's just about everyone. It says we will be hated. Otherwise why did Jesus say ALL men? He didn't say a few.  Betrayal comes with being hated. Jesus is warning us we will be hated.

Matt 10:22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

How does one deal with betrayal? It helps me to know that Jesus Christ went through betrayal via Judas. His friends turned against him. [John 13:18, Mark 14:50] So even our Lord and Savior had to personally deal with these pains. This helps one feel not alone in betrayals. The fact that God Himself warned us what would happen to us, should give us a feeling of comfort and knowing we will be blessed for His name's sake. God comes first to me. I know with the betrayals that happened, there was no other choice, as I could not submit to other human beings and forsake God at their direction.

So often the Christian will be betrayed for refusing to betray God.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post BB. Even though yesterday is gone, I had such a hard time yesterday feelings being hurt, betrayed, NOT being included by family. I have been brutally mistreated by many around me, all because of salvation. Its painful to the flesh, I don't care who you are or how mature we think we are, we ALL have an desire to be accepted. I have to change my thinking when I get this way. When I step back and look at those around me and their lives, how self righteous they are, its pitiful, and I am thankful the Lord saved me, for what reason, I don't know, for His Glory alone.
Persecutions ARE going to come, from our most beloved family and friends, Jesus said it would, its part of the knowledge of him. We are not above him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BB. You warned me on the comments section a while ago about the traps in the homeschool movement. I thought I was joining a Christian homeschool group for friendship and fellowship, particularly for the sake of my children. Seems so strange to be so isolated. In such a strange way, I was pushed out and excluded. These women (talking leadership) looked so good, smart, well run program, and even in being excluded, they were blessing and throwing bible verses my way. It was the strangest thing I have encountered. All I did was at one of the planning meetings I got the sense that a couple of the ladies there were drowning, really in a hard way in life. I stood up and encouraged them, shared a very short testimony of God's faithfulness to me when I was homeschooling plus had an infant plus had cancer. Also I privately and politely questioned them about one thing.

So I'm going to do something with a not Christian group and try to be salt and light. I'm still going to try to be less isolated this year, but I'm going to be a little more wary too.

Also I tone down my opinions a lot. I have veteran family that are very blindly patriotic and I don't feel like getting into that. But I will talk about God and the bible with anyone.


Anonymous said...


I cut and pasted and saved for myself a comment I read on a Christian site because it comforted me as I also feel very alone. I'll share it with you here as I feel your pain. But see James 4:4 where God warns us not to buddy up with the unsaved because, if so, we become his enemies. Resist to devil's snare to become friends with or get too close to unsaved people. Here is the comment I saved and read from time to time to give myself a shot of encouragement. God bless you.
(Bible Comment) Alongside the Bible I now listen to your sermons which aid me during the week. Most of your material does focus on the salvation issue. As far as I'm concerned this is the chief of all matters in God's Word.

If I may share - I'm reminded of a sermon you gave where you touched upon the subject of loneliness. That loneliness is only very temporal here and it won't last long - in heaven we will never ever be lonely again. And my, is that such a refreshing truth! At __ years old I at times grapple with that issue. I would go as far as saying it is MANDATORY in today's society to live a lonely life if you want to please the Lord. The world and its ways are so atrocious and wicked and just a total snare. Once I put my foot out the door its a battlefield. A word doesn't even have to be uttered. Its in everything, in the way people dress, how they behave on the road, dirty looks, dirty advertisements, etc.. i could go on and on.

I've grown accustomed to being a 'loner'. While I've had my own disappointments I've grown enough to realize most people are in it for themselves. For instance, there are tons of people out there placing a big importance on their children and their lifestyles. And I just don't want to be around that. They really go as far as putting their kids on pedestals and being more important to them than God Himself. Their conversations revolve around their children or their careers or just about themselves. That's all they care about and talk about. And when you talk about God its like they are not phased by it. Nope, no room for God. Its one of the many things that adds to a degraded society.

I don't think I can even count friends that I have on one of my hands. Acquaintances I do have many, but friends, not really. The Bible says to be careful not to contaminate ourselves with others' sins too, and friends can be a snare no doubt. And you're right: the Bible is loaded with verses (especially in the book of Proverbs) commanding us to avoid certain PEOPLE, PLACES and THINGS.

Your website helps me tremendously in placing a healthy dose of fear in my heart for the ways of God. I'm fully aware that my life can be snuffed out any given moment. If we're not producing fruit in our life and obeying Jesus then we would be cut off just like the barren fig tree Jesus used in the parable. Your website is producing good fruit indeed. Blessings!

(Bible Answer) Thank you for all the many kind words. As appreciated as they were, the Biblical treasures you cited about this life and the ongoing daily battle were a greater blessing to read. You are aware of important things that many are not which can help you better overcome to the end. Over here we were just recently talking about the five wise virgins who refused to give the five foolish virgins some of their lamp oil. Certainly, the wise virgins didn’t want the foolish virgins to be lost, but weren’t going to jeopardize their own salvation because of their negligence. That is a chewy concept to embrace too.

Remember, this short life is flying by. Remain close to JESUS, the King. You have a thrilling and exciting future with him that is far beyond your wildest imaginations. God bless you. 1 Cor. 2:9, Rev. 21:4.

the site is

Anonymous said...

I too now head towards 50, and I can say the one thing that has stood out for me my entire life has been the betrayal of those whom I have loved, trusted, and called friend and family, and this has been the biggest ongoing heartache in my own life beyond anything else. Today as I continue to mature as a follower of Christ, I understand. However throughout all the years prior - there was no understanding at all, only pain. Today I also understand that in my youth and early years that people's hearts were already waxing worse and worse - what we saw yesterday and in the past decades were only the lead up to what we now see in the wickedness which is all around us. I do not see the wickedness slowly getting worse - it is gaining greater speed like a freight train now, every day it gets even faster, every day twice as wicked as the day before.

I may be wrong, but I cannot see this second covenant age lasting another 20 years.

And if the second covenant doesn't end in the next 20 years - well then we could all be headed back to the dark ages for a very long time. As far as I can see - either the covenant ends or the entire world system falls into the worst despotism ever seen on the planet, which will be without end - and which only the power of God could end.

Tithing was set up under the first covenant for the 12 tribes to support the priesthood tribe of Levi who inherited no land and therefore could not support themselves. Tithing is an "Ordinance" in the first covenant, which was nailed to the cross. Tithing is not LAW. We must understand the difference between LAW and Ordinances. Ordinances were given to Biblical Israel alone in their first covenant. These are the things ADDED to the LAW. Galatians 3:19 explains to us that these things added to the LAW were ONLY until the coming of the Messiah. The Law of God has always existed since the dawn of time on this earth and will forever exist. The covenants with Abraham and later Israel included Ordinances - things that were ADDED to the Law. It is very important to understand these things to know what God expects from us to follow His Law and therefore not sin - nor to led astray by those who wish us to follow Ordinances which no longer exist.

LAW has and will forever exist. Sin is transgression of this Law.
Ordinances were added to the Law for Abraham and then with Moses for Biblical Israel (now finished).
Judgements were added to the Law with Moses for punishments and for compensations (now finished).
Commandments from Jesus Christ were reinforcements and better understandings of the Law, and teaching us the new way to live under the second covenant, with Jesus as our example in the flesh. We must obey these commandments.

The priesthood was forever done away with by Jesus Christ. For there is only one mediator between God and man and that is Christ Jesus, after the order of Melchisedec (whom I believe was Shem ruling from the first Jerusalem after the flood). Every organisation which claims to be a "church" or "temple" is therefore in heresy, attempting to claim divine right to translate for man to God. All are illegitimate.

The word "church" in the Bible should be better translated as "Congregation". A gathering of the followers of Christ only. No organisation and no priesthood, and no tithes, with only elders of that congregation leading it.

The Temple, and this includes all false temples like church buildings were forever done away with by Jesus Christ as well. For the Temple of God is now within man 2 Corinthians 6:16. As much as we may love to want fellowship, we must understand that there is no temple or church system mandated by Jesus Christ, all of them are an affront to the Gospel, and throughout history all of them have been false, and today all of them remain false.

A little off topic maybe... but with so many points in the post - these were the most important which stood out for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have been betrayed from the top down. Notice the "America is using ISIS in three ways" paragraph and the one following. We have been and are being betrayed. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Anonymous said...
First anon, you are welcome and thanks for your kind words. I am sorry you have been hurt, betrayed and ostracized by your family. I really have no family outside of my husband. Even the ones I have minimal contact with I have not seen in literally YEARS. This started for me years ago being shut out, probably for having a conscience but it worsened by ten degrees after I became a born again Christian. I in fact had a whole room of relatives shouting me down for taking a pro-life position against use of embroyes for stem cells and an aunt stopped talking to me that day, ten years ago and told others she hated me for being a Christian, that was years later but in the mean time before I knew her real opinions about Christians I even made her a painting, and she threw it in the closet to be water stained. So I understand. I have undergone even far worse then that, that is just one example, but yes salvation can bring total hatred from others. My poverty is another reason, I was rejected--long story. I will pray for you and understand how lonely things can get.

Persecutions for many already have started. No one is dragging them to a jail-cell yet at least in the USA except for indirect means but I believe that is coming and far worse for Christians. Some in other nations are losing their lives and yes as Jesus warned us, families and friends are dividing from us. One thing to warn of too, is I believe the false Christians from what I have experienced are some of the ones who will bring the most persecution. They have brought it to me even telling me I am wicked for some of my beliefs.

I understand wanting to be accepted. Sometimes I feel like I have lost everything in this life but then Jesus even warned us of that. People will judge and malign when you aren't a "winner" in the world system or sold out to it. I have to work on my thinking too, because there the wicked of the world will seek to drive you to despair, and we must turn to God for comfort. I understand the self-righteous, they will attempt to grind us all into the dirt. More persecutions are coming I agree. It won't be distant people but those right by your side. I know for me what I got leaving the family church of Catholicism was just a little taste. Expect these betrayers to hand you right over too, just as true Christians were handed over in the Inquisition by "family and friends". They will lie, betray, gaslight and seek to confuse you as well. Many of us will be called "crazy" for our beliefs, I know that one already started with me as someone maligned my name in town and frighteningly enough I never went "deep" with this person. I can't imagine how bad things would be if I had taken things beyond a few surface level issues. Even leaving the church system one will be deemed "not right".

Already I see the majority are in love with the world and they are ready to betray for the world. The demands for conformity are even more extreme and it's not just the liberals demanding politically correct speech or thought but their right wing NWO brothers and sisters.

Bible Believer said...

Hi Joy, I was glad I was able to warn you about the homeschool movement, yes they have many traps set there. Even the Duggars go speak on those circuits and they have nothing but legalism and false veneers to offer especially with what was just revealed. I am sorry they treated you badly and excluded you. Many of the false "Christian" circles are about "appearances" and sadly cliques and phony social things will rule.

There money and clothing and gifts and status count for the most instead of true Christian fellowship and love. The women look good and dress snappily with modesty and fashion combined together. Even being put out from the group or ostracized they will put a smile on their faces, while treating you poorly. The "social faux pas" they probably judged you on was taking up for a woman they deemed of lower status. Sadly in many areas of our sick society wanting to stand up for someone who is drowning or struggling, is enough for censure from the group. I have experienced this. Sometimes I have been the person struggling: poverty lower status in American society quite extremely.

At one church I visited, I even wondered why all the women, seemed to be very pretty and thin and very fashionably dressed. I don't think one woman in that church wore over size 10, even the older ones. It was the strangest thing. I found myself wondering if all the more average looking women had felt ostracized. It was a strange thought I had and maybe they had left.

I am glad you stood up and encouraged the struggling lady and it's better you know who that group was on the front end and were able to leave.

Even I feel forced to tone down my opinions a lot just to survive in the world. If I even spoke half of what is on this blog, I fear they'd carry me away. I do try to preach gospel and give truth where I can like you. With the blind patriots, I know plenty of them. Some are even nice people on the surface but most of the time unless God is leading them to wake up, they will only react with anger even at the most mild of suggestions.

I once made the mistake of questioning 9-11 to some relatives, I did it light, and acted like I was exploring the issue instead of making up my mind. I thought they were going to rip my head off and shut my mouth. Discussions of God and the gospel alone made them so angry, they forbade me to speak of God in their house for one family visit, I did not attend. So even there, some betrayals may come. I've had it happen even thinking I am doing a good job of trying to meet people on their level but the Bible makes it clear Jesus Christ will be a rock of offence to them.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon for your message to Joy.

I agree about loneliness. Given the wickedness of the world, the Christian is not going to be popular.

I wrote about loneliness on this blog.

This life is short and fleeting and we have eternity to look forward to with God where we never will be lonely or told to shut our mouths about any truths.

I agree with you anon when you wrote this:

" I would go as far as saying it is MANDATORY in today's society to live a lonely life if you want to please the Lord. The world and its ways are so atrocious and wicked and just a total snare. Once I put my foot out the door its a battlefield. A word doesn't even have to be uttered. Its in everything, in the way people dress, how they behave on the road, dirty looks, dirty advertisements, etc.. i could go on and on. "

I believe sometimes a Christian just has to walk in a room, spiritually the others will know something is different too. I know I have paid some major social prices just being who I am and maybe being a "loner" too has already happened to me as well while I have some friends. I agree about the people putting importance on their children and their lifestyles. Children have been turned into trophies and there is this idolization of families and lifestyles. I agree about the focus on careers. I see tons of focus on status and competing, and putting down those they do not see as the "same status". Yes the bible warns us away from many people, places and things.

Bible Believer said...

Yes Don, we have been so betrayed. It is obvious Isis is an "insider" job to forment desire for wars. So horrifying when you think of the repercussions. I read yesterday some ex general wants everyone rounded up who questions the government.

Bible Believer said...

I'm old enough too almost 50 anon, to know things have changed and people are far far colder. This is a burden of us older people too remembering how things used to be and how badly everything changed. So sorry you have faced being betrayed too. I sometimes worry my betrayals have been so immense too. It has been a heartache for me too. Years ago I used to think it was me and something I was "doing wrong" to be treated so badly and betrayed but now after becoming a Christian and focusing on God's Word I know it is something else and a growing coldness of conscience and those full of darkness hating anyone who follow conscience and God. I believe things are speeding up too. In fact even in two years they have speeded up the wickedness to greater heights, maybe we are seeing it in the people too. I actually went to my husband and we had this conversation about moving to a rural town, but medical needs are keeping us here in a bigger place and I brought up this idea, that maybe it's not the place, maybe people are changing for the worse EVERYWHERE. Certainly even in the rural town, I saw the differences between the old and young that were quite acute.

I wonder if we even have 20 years. I tend to think we do not. How dark will things get it lasts much longer?

I agree tithing was set up for other reasons in the Old Testament. The false preachers wrest the book of Malachi to insane degrees. Thanks for explaining the difference between ordinances and law. I agree the priesthood was forever done away with, I even find myself thinking while other churches don't take it as extreme as Catholics and others with their priests like the Mormons, the one man show, is definitely a clergy and "priesthood" being enacted just on a lower basis. The error of the Nicolatians. To be frank even the fundies all have that "Christiandom" flag that you will see in every other church even the liturgicals, and even in the last church I left, I would look at that thing and think "I do not belong here".

Agree about the temples. Did you ever see my old article on those who want to rebuild the temple?
I agree about the church system.

Even those who teach their churches are holier, the buildings themselves etc, have lost it.

1Cr 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and [that] the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1Cr 3:17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which [temple] ye are.

2Cr 6:16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

Anonymous said...

Great response on the law, tithing and the priesthood anon. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I did not go to Bible college, I went to Farrier’s school. That is horseshoeing using a forge to make the shoes, a blacksmith. I worked on ranches in Idaho, Montana, Nevada and California. Horseshoeing brought me a little extra money, because ranch work paid $250 a month. On these ranches I was responsible for the care of cattle, moving them from pasture to pasture and medical care when they were sick or injured.

The majority of this time I worked by myself with only the help of a dog, a Queensland Blue Heeler. I have seen throughout my life that this type of work has not changed even though I am not out in the wilderness mountains and valleys of the West. What I mean is this, I bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost; sometimes the lost accept it and sometimes they reject it. If the rejection comes all I can do is pray for them. It is the Holy Spirit that is responsible for bringing conviction to the heart of the lost not ours. The anger that comes from those that do not accept your new life is from that conviction of the Holy Spirit. They are directing it your way because they can see you, they cannot see the Spirit. I used the word “they” because there are some who think they are saved but are not and they will get angry when you remind them of this.

It is most difficult to be put into God’s forge and heated to almost melting away then put on the anvil to have the Father hammer and shape us to His will. If you are feeling rejected by those that you thought loved you. Then rejoice because God is working on them also. Do not give up and do not give in. In “Galatians 3:11 But that no one is justified by the law in the sight of God is evident, for "THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH.” What this is saying is this that by faith we shall live forever. We who believe in Jesus the Christ are covered in His blood, nothing can snatch us out of God’s hand.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you for sharing your story of betrayal Bible Believer. Many of us can identify with your story, breaking our hearts, yet filling us with the Hope of Jesus to come again.

You are an amazing child of God, BB. God bless you.